They say these lands are cursed, that all who walk within them are doomed.

They say industry and civilization brought ruin to the tundra, that it was pristine before the Cosmic City arose from bones of iron and occultum.

They say the gods turned their backs when the Cosmic City first died in flame and magic, when the mines to the east started devouring men whole.

But perhaps this realm was always fated to fall. Perhaps the gods turned their backs upon this land long before the Cosmic City struggled to rise out of ice and snow.

After all, the Cosmic City did not bring you here. And the curse in your blood may be worse than the curse upon this land. Perhaps you were always fated to flee the Devoured Land, to enter the Other Garden and arrive in Isiksivik.

Will you rise as heroes? Or will you assume your mantle as harbingers of ruin?

Chronicles of Khaldun: Arctic Death, Infinite Night