Gennifer Weathermay-Foxgrove


Gennifer (pictured left) is one of the famous Weathermay-Foxgrove twins, renowned throughout the Domains of Dread as monster hunters and scholars of the occult. Since the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Rudolph van Richten, they have taken over the publication of the various Van Richten’s Guides. They are currently in Isiksivik with their guide, Zsolt Zalken, attempting to investigate lands beyond the core domains of the Demiplane of Dread.

Gennifer is more scholarly than her sister Laurie, apparently having some facility with magic.

Gennifer was killed on the open tundra of Isiksivik, having been ambushed and psychically shocked by strange, tree-like beasts hunting on the plains.

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Gennifer Weathermay-Foxgrove

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