Gus Theodore Theodore Showbiz


Gus T. T. Showbiz was once a normal dog who found himself lost in the Gardens of Ynn. The strange, transformative energies found in Ynn eventually turned him into something that stands like a man, albeit with odd biology found among neither men nor dogs.

He managed to finally escape the Other Garden with the help of Alyonka, Boudica, Jizzbins, Torbjorn Thormundson, and Xevok the Eternal.

Although Gus used to be a Ynnian changeling, Irmiq reincarnated him as a halfling after he was slain by the white dragon lairing near Itok.

Through the power of the Alchemist’s Apparatus, Gus was split into his changeling and halfling components. However, the change did not last long: Xevok quickly killed the halfling, as it appeared he was infected by the piblokto that overtook Gus’ mind.

Art by Sarah.

Gus Theodore Theodore Showbiz

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