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  • Lady Tarentia

    A member of the Court of Fallen Leaves, Lady Tarentia is a potent wizard who typically presents herself as a harmless giggling eccentric. Those who take the time to speak with her find she is extremely knowledgeable about arcane matters and esoterica,

  • Lord Kaerwyn

    Lord Kaerwyn is a paladin of Corellon and a member of the Court of Fallen Leaves. His personal interests lie in matters of chivalry, honor, and religion. He commands a legion of loyal eladrin knights on behalf of the court.

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  • Lord Maervik

    A grand, burly eladrin, Lord Maervik is a warrior lord with the Court of Fallen Leaves. He loves drinking and fighting, as well as general athleticism and feats of strength, and commands a contingent of elven brawlers and centaur warriors. The source of