The Prophecy of the Accursed Eight

Alyonka, Boudie, Gus, Jezzy, Torbjorn, and Xevok had a dream of Olga Wiltilnovna delivering a prophecy.

First, announcing, “Your fates are bound with that of a powerful enemy, and it is time you learn of this hidden threat,” she drew five tarokka cards — all depicting the Darklord as far as they could see, but interpreted by her as being different cards — for which she gave the following interpretation:

  • Grim tidings. A singular and evil force is set to oppose you. Perhaps it is the foe you are fated to fight, but I worry the true danger lies within.” (Later revealed as The Darklord card.)
  • Another of the high deck? The Artifact suggests you are hardly alone in this battle. In a lonely factory by the sea lies a weapon in the war against your fated foe.” (Later revealed as The Artifact card.)
  • Three draws from the high deck? You must be possessed of potent destinies, indeed. The Raven guides you to the secret of your enemy’s heart, imprisoned and entombed within the earth, guarded by three women at the head of an iron snake.” (Later revealed as The Raven card.)
  • Bound in the coils of an iron snake, in a mill where souls are bound and embodied, you will find an army if you but break their chains.” (Later revealed as the five of swords, The Myrmidon.)
  • A dozen leagues south of your tomb lies a mine, where seekers hope to unearth their Mother. They instead awaken a beast whose hide is proof against your foe’s magic.” (Later revealed as the nine of stars, The Conjurer.)

Then, her voice and face changed, and she delivered the following prophecy:

Lo, did the Powers send forth the call, answered by Eight:
The Bearsouled Wanderer, The Caller’s Get,
The Frostbound Hunter, The Loyal Hound,
The Mire’s Knife, The Runebound Witch,
The Undying Autarch, and The Gods’ Spy,
Twice cursed and thrice-bound, they assembled in ancient lands.
The mark of Ruin etched into souls pregnant with destiny,
The Dyad was sacrificed so that the Hexad might live;
One in heavy snows, devoured by the jaws of Fenrir’s brood,
The other in bloom of spring, living but lost to Reason.
The Powers work their will, sending the Hexad forth,
First, to gestate the Unmaking in grey wombs,
To be birthed within an unsuspecting prison;
Next, to return to hexbound plain and endless snow,
To rouse the Beast with the song of Awaking.
With bodies altered and souls rent asunder,
The Hexad are bound by destiny’s chains,
Forced to march and perform the Powers’ wills.

The Prophecy of the Accursed Eight

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